At Stone Age Media Solutions, our mission as a collective of dedicated literary agents is to champion exceptional literary works and innovative content, guiding authors and creators on their journey to reach a global audience. We are committed to nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and ensuring that every story finds its rightful place in the world of publishing, marketing, and media. 


Stone Age Media Solutions envisions a future where literary excellence and creative brilliance thrive. As a united team of literary agents, we aspire to be the catalysts for transformative storytelling, connecting authors with diverse audiences worldwide. Our vision is to set new standards in the publishing, marketing, and media industry, fostering an environment where originality flourishes, voices are amplified, and meaningful narratives leave an enduring impact on the cultural landscape.

Meet Our Team

Seth Falken

Literary Agent

My successful journey from being an Operation Sales Manager at Hewlett Packard Australia to becoming a Literary Agent and Book Endorsement Officer is a testament to my adaptability and diverse skill set. Starting in the corporate world at Hewlett Packard. I honed my negotiation expertise and demonstrated a strong ability to navigate the tech industry. Recognizing my passion for literature and the written word and made a bold career transition to become a Literary Agent. This shift showcases my commitment to following interests and pursuing meaningful work. As a Literary Agent, I like to play a crucial role in discovering and representing talented authors, negotiating deals, and fostering relationships within the publishing and filming industry

Dean Lucas

Literary Agent

Specializes in: faith-based publications, particularly religious works in the following categories: nonfiction, fiction, short story collections, novellas, short stories, screenplays, science fiction, fantasy, and books that convey a Christian worldview, whether the message is subtle or overt. Actively seeking: commercially viable fiction books that can be adapted for film. Stone Age Media Solutions is the best place to be.

Carl Vinyard

Literary Agent

In the realm of literature, Mr. Vinyard’s track record is nothing short of stellar. His exceptional ability to identify and nurture talent has seen authors not only published but also celebrated on a global scale. With a strategic approach to promotion, he ensures that each book finds its way into the hands of a broader audience.
Adding to his formidable skill set, Mr. Carl Vinyard brings a legal perspective that sets him apart. Navigating the intricate legalities of the publishing world, he safeguards authors’ interests with precision, ensuring that their creative endeavors are protected every step of the way.
But Mr. Vinyard’s influence doesn’t stop at the final chapter. With a cinematic flair, he has successfully helped authors adapt their literary works into compelling movies, expanding the reach of their stories to new heights. His knack for recognizing the cinematic potential within the pages of a book has opened doors for authors to connect with audiences through the visual medium.
For writers seeking an agent who is not only a literary champion but a legal guardian and a catalyst for cinematic success, Mr. Carl Vinyard stands as a beacon of expertise. With an unparalleled background in law and a proven track record of turning manuscripts into movies, he is a visionary whose impact resonates far beyond the written page—a true maestro orchestrating success stories in literature and film alike.

John Miner

Literary Agent

Stats: 50% of clients are new/unpublished writers.

Specializes in:
“Whimsy looks for projects that are concept and platform driven.
We seek books that educate, inspire and entertain.” Currently connected with Stone Age Media Solutions. Nonfiction areas of interest: reference, biography, computers/technology, business/investing/finance, history, religious, mind/body/spirit, health, travel, lifestyle, cookbooks, self-help, diet, pop culture, humor, personality, gift, illustrated.
Fiction areas of interest: Contemporary fiction, romance, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, among others.

Andrew Ross

Literary Agent

Stats: It represents more than 100 clients. 50% nonfiction books; 50% novels. Seeking new and established

Specializes in: materials with a faith-based angle—primarily nonfiction, fiction, short story collections,
novellas, screenplays, science fiction, fantasy, as well as books that express a Christian worldview, whether
the message is subtle or overt. Actively seeking: fiction books that are highly commercial and that can be
adapted to film.



Literary Agent

Grace Coppolla’s outstanding career is marked by a profound dedication to elevating authors to new heights. Her keen eye for exceptional manuscripts and strategic insight have propelled countless writers into the literary spotlight. With a passion for storytelling and an innate ability to identify market trends, Grace ensures that each book not only finds its way to publication but also captures the hearts of readers on a global scale.
Adding to her formidable skill set, Grace boasts a background in law, bringing a unique perspective to the intricacies of the publishing world. Her legal expertise proves invaluable in negotiating favorable contracts, navigating complex rights issues, and safeguarding the interests of her authors at every stage of their literary journey. Grace is not just an agent; she is a guardian, ensuring that creative endeavors are protected with precision. Beyond the written word, Grace’s impact resonates in the realm of promotion. With a visionary approach, she crafts comprehensive marketing strategies that extend the reach of each book to a wider audience. Her commitment to author success goes beyond the transactional, creating lasting partnerships that endure throughout the entire publishing process. In the dynamic landscape of literature and law, Grace Coppolla stands as a testament to the transformative power of expertise, dedication, and a holistic approach to author representation. For writers seeking a female literary agent with a proven background in law and an unparalleled commitment to guiding authors toward widespread acclaim, Grace Coppolla is the epitome of a literary ally—a visionary champion turning
manuscripts into literary triumphs.

Bill Specter

Literary Agent

Stats: Represents 100+ clients. 20% of clients are new/unpublished writers; handles 60% nonfiction books, 22% novels, 3% short story collections, 15% illustrated. Currently connected with Stone Age Media Solutions. Specializes in: “I tend to gravitate toward literary fiction and narrative nonfiction, with a strong interest in
women’s issues and women’s voices, international voices, class and race issues, and projects that simply teach me something new about the greater world and society around us.”
Fiction areas of interest: action/adventure, feminist, gay/lesbian, literary, mainstream/contemporary,
mystery/suspense, thriller, women’s, Southern voices.